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Accelerated C# 2010

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    Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Visual Basic offers powerful new features, and Accelerated VB is the fastest path to mastering them, and the rest of Visual Basic, for both experienced Visual Basic programmers moving to VB and programmers moving to Visual Basic from another object—oriented language. Comprehensively and concisely explains both Visual Basic and Visual Basic features Focuses on the language itself and on how to use Visual Basic proficiently for all.

    NET application development Concentrates on how VB features work and how to best use them for robust, high—performance code. NET design design pattern development interfaces language object overloading programming. Buy options.

    Accelerated C# by Trey Nash

    We teach you what you need to know and explain how best to use your knowledge so that you can quickly develop true VB expertise. Idioms and design patterns are invaluable for developing and applying expertise, and we show you how to use many of them to create applications that are efficient, robust, fault-tolerant, and exception-safe. We show you how to apply these indispen- ble idioms and design techniques to seamlessly integrate your VB applications with the.

    NET runtime, focusing on the new capabilities of VB Design patterns document best practices in application design that many different p- grammers have discovered and rediscovered over time. In fact,.

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    NET itself implements many well-known design patterns. You will see these practices detailed throughout this book.

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    Also, it is important to note that the invaluable tool chest of techniques is evolving constantly. Trey Nash is an escalation engineer at Microsoft working on the Windows operating systems as well as various other products. When he is not working feverishly within the bowels of the operating system, he is delivering training on. NET Platform debugging as well as user mode and kernel mode debugging on the Windows platform.